acroyoga school spain

Acroyoga School is born out of a passion for Acroyoga and the desire to create a space where acroyoguis of all levels can grow together. Our school is founded to nurture our community, strengthen bonds, and enhance not only our skills as teachers but also our human connection.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment where every person feels valued and supported in their Acroyoga journey. Here, we not only focus on technical development but also deeply value the importance of interpersonal connection, community, and sharing.

We are more than just a school; we are a family united by our common passion. We strive for each member to flourish and contribute to collective growth.

Will you join us on this adventure?

acroyoga school spain


Ever since I discovered AcroYoga, I fell deeply in love with this discipline. Since then, my passion for AcroYoga has grown continuously. I currently teach regular classes and workshops, as well as organize retreats and events, serving as the CEO of Taotrips and the Valencia AcroYoga Convention.

AcroYoga transcends postures and acrobatics. It’s a tool for personal growth that helps you connect with others and with yourself.

Every day, I’m inspired to see how AcroYoga transforms lives, unleashes people’s potential, and strengthens the bonds between them. It’s an honor to share this passion and practice with all those who wish to explore their capacity to fly.

Join this exciting journey of discovery, growth, and connection through AcroYoga.

I’m thrilled to be part of your path to overcoming limits and realizing your true potential.

jose carricat


I began my exploration as a child, playing in nature, running and jumping with animals. Later on, I encountered various activities such as dance, gymnastics, volleyball, and roller skating throughout my life, all of which were part of a journey of self-discovery.

As I was about to finish school, I discovered the world of circus, which led me to connect with AcroYoga. It allowed me to find myself and reinvent myself; my heart felt full of love every time I left a class, with many lessons learned and new connections made.

My intention is not only to continue exploring through movement but also to share from my experiences and transmit everything that has touched me at some point, so that it may expand throughout the universe.

Chiara vitale


Chiara is passionate about movement, connection, and creation. Ever since she discovered AcroYoga while strolling through a park in Valencia, she hasn’t stopped exploring and learning. She travels and trains extensively to be able to transmit this art of listening and dance between two bodies.

Currently, Chiara offers everything from private classes to group sessions. She has organized workshops, retreats, the Berlin Acro Convention, and the AcroYoga Festival in Valencia.

She has explored AcroYoga within the family as quality time. Chiara has also delved into Acro as an artistic expression, offering performances for events. Her way of transmitting AcroYoga is through play, fun, and curiosity.

Mariam Molina


My relationship with yoga was love at first sight. In 2020, I completed my first 200-hour training in Hatha yoga, and that same year, I founded Moon Spirit Yoga, an outdoor yoga group in contact with nature. I wanted to create a transformative space for people to connect with their body, mind, and spirit because that’s what yoga was for me a space where I could feel, listen to, and love myself. From there, the journey has been unstoppable. I trained in Tantra yoga (2021, Greece) and aerial yoga (2022, India). With my enthusiasm to make yoga accessible to many, I wrote and published a yoga book (“Your Body, Your Mind, Your Spirit, YOUR YOGA”) at the end of 2022. In 2023, I went to Bali to complete an advanced 300-hour yoga training.

Passionate about yoga as a way of life that combines body, mind, and spirit. Enamored with the most traditional styles of yoga, Sanskrit, Tibetan bowls, sound, vibration, and the philosophy behind this ancient practice. I love chanting mantras accompanied by the magic of my shruti box, especially during full moon sessions or kirtans.

After 12 years dedicated to teaching and 5 years organizing events and retreats, I can say that teaching is the best way to learn. And there’s nothing I enjoy more than teaching what I’m passionate about: yoga. Although deep down, I feel that this philosophy of life is not something that can be “taught,” which is why I prefer to say that I “share” yoga.

I continue to learn every day on my mat and beyond. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Will you join me?

Learn the basics of Acroyoga and its teaching methodology in this 100h Acroyoga Teacher Training (YACEP).

acroyoga school spain

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